November 30, 2012

Waxed: Robert Rave

Carolina, is the oldest sister in her family and is determined to do better for herself then what they had growing up. She now owns and runs Impresario the waxing saloon to use in NYC for the high society ladies and socialites.  With her OCD taking over her life she feels caught between what she has built for herself and a part of her past that has come back to haunt her.

Anna, is separated from her husband after a bit of an identity crisis with one of her children. To continue to make ends meet Anna goes back to work for her sister at the salon. Stuck with the jobs that no one wants Anna is thrown back into having to prove herself again. While entering a new world of society that she is just being introduced too.

Sofia is the youngest of the sisters. A newly wed, who loves her domestic life, but her husband is starting to not be home very often and seems to have better things to do then be around for Sofia. When a new client invites her to go out and start hitting the club scene with them then things start to get even more complicated at home.

The three sisters all work together at the waxing salon and in supporting each other and in pushing each others boundaries too. They all work to improve themselves and their own situations even with how much it hurts to change.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick read for me. I personally didn't think like I learned anything or that the I personally got vested in any of the characters, but it wasn't a bad plot. It flew quickly and was enjoyable, but I personally didn't get much more than that out of the book.

I would suggest this book to others who like books like this with a little peek into another how other parts of society live. I would give it 3 stars as an enjoyable read, but not one to go back to over and over.

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