July 27, 2012

A Year to Remember: Shelly Bell

When Sara's younger brother gets married on her 29th birthday and she is surprised with a speech things don't go exactly as she planned. She starts a lovely speech about soul mates, but ends it with a vow to be married by her 30th birthday a year away. The plot follows Sara through the media frenzy she is forced into after her vow makes it to YouTube and how she heads out on her search for love/marriage.

Sara joins the online dating pool, does speed dating, and follows up on other connections. All the while listening to others advice and doing what she seems to think people want her to do or she is expected to do to reach towards her goal. Thinking she know what she wants and starts a relationship. But, maybe it is time for Sara to figure out what she really wants and that might not be what she originally expected, or she thinks others want from her.

Part of what I really appreciated about this book is that how Sara grew through out the year of this plot. She learned about herself and grew and that is what I like seeing in main characters in novels that I enjoy. Sara made her mistakes in the year and learned about her friends. In that learning and growing she came into herself and learned what she really wanted for herself.

I have to give this book 4 stars in that I enjoyed reading it and really couldn't put it down in parts as I wanted to see how Sara worked it all out. It is not a deep book, but if you are looking for a nice read and to see character growth this is one to pickup.

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I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

July 23, 2012

Rock Star's Girl (A Hollywood Dating Story) : J.F. Kristin

Emily spends her time maintaining her fashion blog and enough freelance work to just make the ends meet. But, she takes one evening off to see her friend Jesse's band preform. At the event she meets Cory Sampson the lead singer in another band, which has already had at least one hit and potential for more.
Suddenly, Emily finds herself half of the new it couple on all the celebrity blogs and gossip sites. That is not only effecting her personal life, but her professional life, as advertisers and freelance gigs come and go with her popularity, but it is changing her relationships too. With Jesse and Cory both wanting something or not sure if they want something from her new found popularity. Emily has to make a choice for herself and figure out how she is going to precede with her life and career.

I enjoyed this book and would defiantly give it three stars. But, there was nothing there to push it over the edge to an amazing book for me. I would recommend it was a nice read and I liked the insight it gave into blogging/celebrity gossip, but it wasn't deep and didn't deal with issues that many can relate to. Overall, I do have to say that you should read it if you are look for a nice read that keeps your attention, but you don't have to think about.

July 20, 2012

Kat Fight: Dina Silver

Kat has always wanted to be married and have her one family, especially since her parents got divorced when she was young. She has been with Marc since college and even though they fight she and her friends/family have assumed they are meant to be together and it is just a matter or time before they get married. Marc has been having less and less time fore Kat lately though and Kat id starting to lose patients. After, being blown off again in a moment Kat tells Marc to lose her number. Not hearing from him for two weeks she accepts that it really has ended this time and she starts to move on.
Her best friend, Julie, sets her up on a bind double date with her and Kat finds herself more intrigued by Julie's date, Ryan, then her own. When Ryan shows up at Kat's work and seems to have an interest in her things get complicated. Add to that Marc showing back up realizing that he might have made a mistake. Kat has some light trending and tough decisions to make or she could end up losing more than she realized when she started playing with hearts and friendships.

I really enjoyed this plot. I felt like I could really relate to Kat as a character, she was well rounded and grew through out the novel. The supporting cast where there and developed enough that I could get behind them, but I wasn't distracted by their stories. I think the story that Kat is living and lessons she is learning are relate able and are ones you can say been there done that, know someone who did, or yeah that could have happened to me.

There was a preview of Silver's debut novel One Pink Line at the back of this book and in reading that I know I need to go pick that one up. I like the voices that Silver created for her characters and they are relatable. I look forward to reading more of her work.

I give this book a strong 4 stars. It could be seen as strong in the chick lit genre but has relate able characters and make for a fun light read, even when it is deal with deeper issues.

This review is part of chick lit plus blog tours.

I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

July 16, 2012

These Girls: Sarah Pekkanen

Cate and Renee are roommates in NYC, their third is leaving though. Cate in her new job as features editor at Gloss, is trying to prove that she really does deserve the job she has and still protect her secrets. Renee's debt is piling up and she is wondering if she should go home, especially as her parents are having a crisis of their own and she is their only child. But, with the beauty editor position being open puts more pressure on her and she has to remember that beauty is more than just skin deep. 
Filling the empty spot is Abby, who's brother Trey works with Cate and Renee and is kind of the heart throb of the office. Abby has secrets of her own that she is running away from. She runs to Trey the only member of her family who she trusts and he in trusts her to Cate and Renee to help pull her out of her depression and help her move on from the past. 
This book focuses on the girls secrets and how they learn to trust each other and support each other through learning to accept their secrets. And how they can each move on with their lives. 

I really enjoyed this book. Really didn't want to put it down at times and keep wanting to kind of read ahead to see what was going to happened. By the end of the book I really wanted more about the characters, I wanted to know how they kept going with the growth that they each had all just accepted by the end of the book. My favorite part of this book was the charter growth that all of the main characters went through. I feel like that is one of Sarah's strengths, in establishing the characters. I personally can't say that I have a favorite of any of the Girls and I liked that since due to that I could relate to all of them.

Sarah is one of my favorite authors ever since I discovered her first books, The Opposite of Me and Skipping a Beat. I am looking forward to more of her works. 

I would give this book 4 stars, just because I find it hard to give 5 stars and I wanted more from it, so there was more that could be there it wasn't perfect but very close. 

July 8, 2012

In my Bag 7/8-7/14

A Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin
These Girls: Sarah Pekkanen

Up for review:
Kat Fight: Dina Silver
A Year to Remember: Shelly Bell
Rock Star's Girl: J.FKristin

Sorry, I haven't been around much all. My husband and I are looking for a house so we are very busy and hopefully when we have that worked out will have more time. 

July 3, 2012

Blank Slate Kate: Heather Wardell

Kate wakes up one morning in a stranger bed, hungover and the last thing she remembers is being 17 and in high school. At least she might be Kate, that is what she told Jacob, who's bed she woke up in, her name was. She spends the net few weeks trying to piece together her life and the past 15 years together.
Not only does she learn about how the world changed, 9-11, iPhone, twitter, it is all new to her now. But, what kind of life has she lived, who is her husband, and what are the secrets that she has been keeping from her friends (the ones that she might have still) and her family that she doesn't remember now.
Slight spoiler, Kate never fully gets her memories back. But, we do see her piece her life together and learns from it what she doesn't want to do again, keep secrets, and how she can change her path now.

I could really appreciate and enjoyed this novel. Mental problems was one of the underlying issues and though I don't have them to the extend the main character does I could appreciate how she felt with them and was overwhelmed. She had to relearn about it after she lost her memories and realized that maybe she was trying to forget with her memory lose. But, she can't just keep running away which is what she seems to be keep doing. As she pieces her life back together.

I won this book in a contest and I am so glad that I did. I really enjoyed it and felt I need to read it with how it dealt with mental health. I have to give this book 4 stars and I would recommend this book to others who enjoy chick lit and want to see a way that mental health can be face and see what many in society have to deal with.

July 1, 2012

Stephanie Plum reviews

Two for the Dough: Stephanie Plum #2: Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is still a bounty hunter, and still learning the ropes and making mistakes. This time she is after Kenn Mancuso, who shot his best friend in the knee and happened to be caught. Being that he is a relative of Joe Morelli and his family has asked him to look into it things get a little complicated. Add missing guns and funeral homes, things get complicated and more than Stephanie might be in danger this time.

Three to get Deadly: Stephanie Plum #3: Janet Evanovich

Stephanie thought she got an easy bond, with the guy who ran the candy store. What she didn't count on him being MIA and everyone judging her for asking around. Turns out that  the guy everyone thinks of as a grandfather in the neighborhood might not be as innocent as people think. And as neighbors take the law into their own hands things get dangerous for Stephanie again. As usual Joe Morelli is there saving Stephanie and getting in the way and Stephanie is not sure which she prefers.