October 23, 2011

Hollywood Ending: Lucie Simone

Trina has lived in LA for 10 years trying to live out her Hollywood dream. So, far she has gotten into debt by going to film school, teaches ESL to barely makes ends meet, and keeps striking out romantically. That is until Matiu sublets the apartment upstairs from Trina. Matiu, has come to LA to take a scenic design class, which he hopes will open doors for him when he goes home to New Zealand where more and more productions are filming.
The tension grows between Trian and Matiu as they interact yet they both keep finding ways to get pulled away from each other even when neither of them really want that. But, what is the Hollywood Ending that they really want and how are they going to choose is what it comes down to.

I enjoyed this book and just flew through it. (Is it just me or do others find they read ebooks fast that paper ones?) Both of the characters were well rounded for me, they had good qualities and bad habits or things they needed to work on and grow still, so they weren't perfect. This book truly is in my opinion a romantic comedy and the two genres are blended well. I think is what holds alot of the appeal of the plot to me. The characters and even supporting characters are well rounded with the background/backstory built up on all of them.

Overall I give this book 4 stars. It kept my attention and left me wanting to know more about the characters and keep following them. There were moments where I didn't want to stop reading, but couldn't keep reading because if I did I knew it would end sooner and I didn't want that too. I look forward to reading more of Simone's works.