January 19, 2012

Stay Tuned: Lauren Clark

Melissa Moore is a producer on the nightly news team. She was good at that with the crisis management and keeping things moving. Until, her anchors get in a fist fight on air during the 10 o'clock news. Melissa jumps in finishing the news cast. Now, she finds herself as the permanent fill in. Her personal life needs some crisis management of its own too. Melissa has found her marriage has been reduced to post it note communication. Her Mother's dementia is worrying her. Her daughter has just left for college, so Melissa is trying to find her own identity again. And she has the more responsibility at the studio. Can Melissa handle it all and what does she want to handle now?

This book had a great pace to it. The plot kept going and the characters kept moving through it all, but it still kept the pace believable at the same time. I personally think this is hard, since sometimes in order to keep a plot moving a character has to make changes fast than you would think a real person can or would. That was not the case in Stay Tuned, here I felt like Melissa learned and grew and made changes in a realistic way/pace. I enjoyed seeing her grow and found that though you knew things were going to have to change, it didn't just change in a predictable way. You were kept guessing with what was really going to happen.

There were elements of the coming of age story in this plot which I found interesting. It was the typical coming of age story, but more of the remembering yourself and that you keep growing. Maybe, you could see it as reminding us that we all have a bit of coming of age to do as we grow and change.

I would defiantly suggest this book to others. As it was a nice fun read, that has a twist on the standard chick lit plots that are out there. With a different way to approach the idea. 4 stars

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I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.


  1. Thank you so very much Emily. What a thoughtful review. You captured the very essence of the novel! Love it! xx

    Big Hugs, Lauren