March 9, 2012

Write From The Heart: Heather Hummel

Samantha decided it was time for a change in her life. As she was just dumped by her latest boyfriend in a string of failed relationships. She quits he day job and fully commits to her writing. She keeps working with her therapist to try and figure out what keeps going wrong in relationships. Just when she is almost ready to give up on love things start to fall into place in other parts of her life and possible love too. 

Warning: my review is a bit spoilery, but I don't give away big details. I love all the romance that is in this story though it isn't the main focus. Not just the romance that Samantha finds, in the traditional sense between two humans, but the romance she has with her work too. She is following her dream and fully commits to that and that comes across as a love story for me in this novel. Both then come out in a kind of a fairy tale/perfect ending, adding in my mind to the romantic elements of the plot. A romance like this being something we all would want, but doesn't always come out that way. But, I enjoyed it in thinking of it as a fairy tale almost.
A few other thoughts I had on the plot. I appreciated how drinking was handled through this plot. It was a social or celebratory thing here. Why I appreciate it is that I feel like so many books lately, my own writing included at times, use it as a crutch for characters and just have it around so much that it is nice to read about it being used more responsibly. Also, there was some inconsistencies in the minor characters and their back stories. It was almost like there was more back stories on a few of the characters that were edited out, but a few spots were missed. It could be the reason I noticed this and it stuck with me is I read almost the whole book while at the airport waiting for flights so it was all fresh in my mind. Overall, with the elements that I loved and the romance/fairy tale of it all I give this book 4 stars and encourage anyone who wants to journal more or write to put this on there TBR list.

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I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

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