March 31, 2012

Disengaged: Beth Orsoff

As Allie's boyfriend of two years, Brad, proposes everything seems to be falling into place and going along as it should. So, why is she suddenly not so sure about Brad anymore. Weight is just falling off her, she is picking fights with Brad, and is just not comfortable in her skin at times. And she is only excited to do wedding planning sometimes, yet she is still finding herself turn into a bridezilla at times. Could be that he Future Mother in Law is all over the wedding details and not listening to Allie (the Brides) opinion.  And why isn't Brad helping her stand up for herself and their wedding. It might be time for Allie to reassess and it might be just more than her relationship with Brad that needs consideration.

As someone who has recently planned a wedding I could relate to Allie at times and things  she was dealing with. She has future in law influences on the wedding, friends and family who didn't agree with the relationship, and is trying to figure out what she wants and if she is losing herself. I liked how the character grew through out the plot. All of the male characters came off as extremes, to either sides of being perfect for her or not relatable to her at all. That worked in the plot and you were still able to relate to them like real people though.

Over all, I give this book four stars. The plot flows well. The main character is relatable and though it deals with a tough issue in a simple way, the conflict is seen and makes sense.

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