March 24, 2012

Single in the City: Michele Gorman

Hannah decided to dive right in when she went to change things about her life. Single again, after being dumped, and laid off laid from her job Hannah decides she should go to London. So, without a plan or a return ticket she heads off. A new city, where she doesn't know anyone, has a short time before she will have to leave if she can't find a job (which she then has to get permission to work), but at least she speaks the language right? Hannah soon learns that she may not know as much as she thought about the British, but that isn't going to stop her from trying to make friends, find a relationship, and working to find a way to stay in her new adopted city.

I really enjoyed reading Hannah's story and am looking forward to Misfortune Cookie the next book that follows Hannah. Which Gorman made interactive with her readers too, as she wrote parts based on polls from her blog. Which I love that idea and fun participating in a few times. It is published this week check it out here.

Back to this story about Hannah. I personally found Hannah pretty relateable. Yes, she did tend to go to extremes in situations, but in a way that seemed reasonable that someone may actually react or at least consider reacting. She was a little accident prone and feel into some situations in ways that I do or would happen to me. Which might be why I can relate to Hannah, but also the writing just makes here relateable I think.

How the supporting characters were handled was well done too. We did only know what Hannah knew, but that worked and I still felt like I knew most of the supporting characters. Even as Hannah just meet people she still managed to introduce them to the reader without it becoming awkward in also learning about the new character, yet she was still able to describe for the reader the people she had know and was familiar with before too.

I guess I would just say that I really enjoy Gorman's writing style. And would suggest this book to others, giving it 4 stars.  The plot is typical chick lit at times, but it does give a different perspective.

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