January 8, 2012

The Christmas Wedding: James Patterson and Richard Dilallo

Gabby lost her husband three years ago and no matter how close she is to her children, she hasn't had all of them together since then. So, she comes up with a plan she is getting married on Christmas and she won't tell her children who the groom is until the event. So, they all have to be together again, her kids, her grandkids, and her closest friends three of whom are her perspective grooms.

I am not familiar with James Patterson's other works. Not something I have read in the past not sure why, but after this one I may go read some of his other works. I actually picked this book up after work on Friday and finished it at 11:20 that evening. The way the chapters were set up, I just wanted to keep reading. It was just like one more chapter that is just 3 pages and then another and another.  Till I was just done.

I did enjoy reading the book, but I have to say that I did feel like the plot was a little simple. We learned about the characters, but there was no real growth or change in the characters through the 200+ page plot. Or the changes that did happen were like, ok well that was obvious and predictable. I felt like we were given alot of background and building up of the characters and then it was just over. That was kind of disappointing. I felt like I just got a handle on the characters and it was over. I guess I just wanted a bit more even though the purpose of the book was over. Making the whole plot seem a little simple to me and maybe that is partially because I read it so fast.

What it comes down to is that I would probably recommend this book and I enjoyed it, but I don't think it is Patterson's best work.

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