October 8, 2011

Thirtynothing: Lisa Jewell

Dig Ryan just turn thirty and wakes up once again with a young girl in his bed leaving him question where he is really headed with his life. Nursing his hangover he goes to his best-friend since school Nadine. In discussion they make a bet that they will both start looking for real relationships and the first one who succeeds wins. On the way home they run into Delilah, Dig's first love and the one who pulled Dig and Nadine apart before. Dig on a trip down memory lane causes strife in their relationship again. So, Nadine looks up her first love, Phil. But, things aren't always what they appear to be in either of their past relationships. And maybe in realizing that what they have been missing hasn't really been missing as much as they thought.

Much like with Jewell's other book that I read there were some great moments in the plot and didn't want to stop reading, but there were also moments where I didn't understand and it was hard to keep going at times. The plot covers where the characters are now and then goes back and reviews how their relationships started, grew and ended earlier in their lives. This allowed parallels between the times to come through and to show development of characters to the readers.

Overall, I would say that though there are times I felt the plot got caught up in details at times if does have great character development overall. Though I could see some of the twist coming how they all worked out was worth it to keep reading. I would suggest this book to others, but it is not a typical chick lit. If you are looking for light and fluffy this is not the book, but to see character development and detail this is worth a read.

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