July 1, 2012

Stephanie Plum reviews

Two for the Dough: Stephanie Plum #2: Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is still a bounty hunter, and still learning the ropes and making mistakes. This time she is after Kenn Mancuso, who shot his best friend in the knee and happened to be caught. Being that he is a relative of Joe Morelli and his family has asked him to look into it things get a little complicated. Add missing guns and funeral homes, things get complicated and more than Stephanie might be in danger this time.

Three to get Deadly: Stephanie Plum #3: Janet Evanovich

Stephanie thought she got an easy bond, with the guy who ran the candy store. What she didn't count on him being MIA and everyone judging her for asking around. Turns out that  the guy everyone thinks of as a grandfather in the neighborhood might not be as innocent as people think. And as neighbors take the law into their own hands things get dangerous for Stephanie again. As usual Joe Morelli is there saving Stephanie and getting in the way and Stephanie is not sure which she prefers.

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