July 16, 2012

These Girls: Sarah Pekkanen

Cate and Renee are roommates in NYC, their third is leaving though. Cate in her new job as features editor at Gloss, is trying to prove that she really does deserve the job she has and still protect her secrets. Renee's debt is piling up and she is wondering if she should go home, especially as her parents are having a crisis of their own and she is their only child. But, with the beauty editor position being open puts more pressure on her and she has to remember that beauty is more than just skin deep. 
Filling the empty spot is Abby, who's brother Trey works with Cate and Renee and is kind of the heart throb of the office. Abby has secrets of her own that she is running away from. She runs to Trey the only member of her family who she trusts and he in trusts her to Cate and Renee to help pull her out of her depression and help her move on from the past. 
This book focuses on the girls secrets and how they learn to trust each other and support each other through learning to accept their secrets. And how they can each move on with their lives. 

I really enjoyed this book. Really didn't want to put it down at times and keep wanting to kind of read ahead to see what was going to happened. By the end of the book I really wanted more about the characters, I wanted to know how they kept going with the growth that they each had all just accepted by the end of the book. My favorite part of this book was the charter growth that all of the main characters went through. I feel like that is one of Sarah's strengths, in establishing the characters. I personally can't say that I have a favorite of any of the Girls and I liked that since due to that I could relate to all of them.

Sarah is one of my favorite authors ever since I discovered her first books, The Opposite of Me and Skipping a Beat. I am looking forward to more of her works. 

I would give this book 4 stars, just because I find it hard to give 5 stars and I wanted more from it, so there was more that could be there it wasn't perfect but very close. 

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