July 23, 2012

Rock Star's Girl (A Hollywood Dating Story) : J.F. Kristin

Emily spends her time maintaining her fashion blog and enough freelance work to just make the ends meet. But, she takes one evening off to see her friend Jesse's band preform. At the event she meets Cory Sampson the lead singer in another band, which has already had at least one hit and potential for more.
Suddenly, Emily finds herself half of the new it couple on all the celebrity blogs and gossip sites. That is not only effecting her personal life, but her professional life, as advertisers and freelance gigs come and go with her popularity, but it is changing her relationships too. With Jesse and Cory both wanting something or not sure if they want something from her new found popularity. Emily has to make a choice for herself and figure out how she is going to precede with her life and career.

I enjoyed this book and would defiantly give it three stars. But, there was nothing there to push it over the edge to an amazing book for me. I would recommend it was a nice read and I liked the insight it gave into blogging/celebrity gossip, but it wasn't deep and didn't deal with issues that many can relate to. Overall, I do have to say that you should read it if you are look for a nice read that keeps your attention, but you don't have to think about.

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