November 9, 2012

Where We Belong: Emily Giffin

Marian appears to have it all together. Living in NYC with her own TV show and a relationship that she is happy with. One evening after a rare fight with her boyfriend she comes home to find Kirby on her door step.
Kirby adopted has never really felt like she fit in with her family. At 18 she takes the opportunity to learn who her birth Mother is. Without telling her family, she leaves to find the family where maybe she belongs. But, things aren't always as easy as they might seem they could be at 18.

The story show the effects each of the women have on each other. Learning about themselves and each other as secrets and memories that have been pushed away have to be revisited.  Each of them learning and growing from each other.

The back story of Marian's past and what lead to Kirby is woven in with the story and Marian and Kirby getting to know each other and try to figure out where they fit into each other lives and really where they want to go with their own lives now.

The chapters her alternate in voices from Marian to Kirby's, with sections woven in of Marian at 18. The information is given to the reader as we need it and the characters remember, having the reader piece the present and past together and see how they relate to each other.

I enjoyed reading about Mariam and Kirby. Seeing them learn about theme selves as they got to know each other. I would give this book 3 stars as it was enjoyable. It is not my favorite Giffin book though. The characters were there and their was some depth to them, but I personally didn't feel connected to them, so the plot didn't speak to me as much as many of Giffin's other books do. I would still suggest it to other and think that if you had experience like these characters you might be enjoy the book more than I did. But, even without the emotional connection it is worth a read.