November 2, 2012

Ten Girls To Watch: Charity Shumway

Dawn is determined to make it in NYC and not go back to the small town that she left. Even if it means writing lawn care columns that she paid by the word to make ends meet. At a party that she is invited to by her ex boyfriend, that she can't seem to stop seeing and can't help but kind of like her his new girlfriend, she manages to land a job with Charm magazine working on their 10th anniversary of "Ten Girls to Watch" contest. It is short term gig, but she spends the next few months following up on each of the winners from the past ten years. She is just assigned to get basic info, but Dawn can't just find out contact and what they are doing now. She finds the women opening up her and learning from each of them. She is still trying to work out her personal life, but she is learning so much from these women maybe they are starting to effect her personal life. Maybe, she needs to follow the examples that she is seeing around her and accept what she wants.

I really felt like I could relate to Dawn. She made choices and faced with some personal things in her life that I could relate to. She was built to be real and would start to grow, but would come across more obstacles that would put her back and she would have to accept and/or learn from.

There were moments were I wish that we had been able to read more of Dawns writings. Have seen some of the profiles she was writing I think could have really helped or expanded the plot, more than just the short paragraphs at the start of chapters.

Overall I would give this book three stars in that the main character was really relatable. But, you couldn't get behind other characters besides the main one, even though she was really relatable. The plot was well developed and well wrapped up, though leaving you wanting just a little more about the characters. I would read more by Charity and would defiantly recommend this book to others.

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