October 22, 2012

Living in Glass Houses: Zoe McNight

Jonathan and Lauryn are at a point in their relationship where outside pressures are building and something may have to give, but what if it is not the same thing for each of them. Lauryn is just waiting for the ring, thinking she just needs to be patient. Jonathan meanwhile has just meet Bree, who could just be the girl of his dreams. Does he want to give up the comfort he has built with Lauryn though and there may be more that he is letting down in choosing, but who does he choose for.

Blair and Vaughn have always had a volatile relationship. Blair finally gives into the temptation of looking somewhere else for something else with Dylan. But, Vaughn is realizing that he might be losing Bliar and wants to try again to save what they have. Can they both commit and get past their secrets.

Elle is confused, she is happy with what she has with Luke, but she can't stop thinking about her last relationship with Marcus. Will she be strong enough to work out her emotions and put what she at risk for what could be.

The plot alternates between different points of view and narratives. All of the are friends or have friends in common that link the story lines together. Making is an easy flow. I found that the whole story just flew by for me, set up that you wanted to keep reading about what would happen next. I was frustrated with many of the characters at times, but you still wanted to keep reading to see how they worked out of the situations.

I would give this book 3 stars for how it kept you wanting to keep going. But, I had a hard time relating to some of the characters and feeling emotionally invested in them. But, I do think that sometimes the emotional backgrounds of some of the characters could have been expanded more.

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