October 19, 2012

Getting Over Mr. Right: Chrissie Manby

Ashleigh has been dating Michael for two years plus, and she figures it is just a matter of time before Michael gives her the more commitment that she is looking for. Even if he is just using his current promotion to expand his bachelor image, an upgraded bachelor pad, new sports car, new wardrobe. But, it is just a matter of time right. That is until she checks her Facebook in the middle of the day and finds that Michael is now single and then proceeds to unfriend her.

Processing it all Ashleigh realizes (or is confirmed by friends) that she has just been dumped via Facebook. Unfortunately, Ashleigh just can't accept it. Breaking every rule of how to get over a break up. She goes to his apartment and sneaks in, stalking his new girlfriend, lets all thoughts and what she can do take over her life, racks up credit card bills trying to find ways to win him back, calls a phone psychic and tries voodoo. Having alienating friends, losing her job, ending up have to move back home, and multiple people telling her she needs professional help. Ashleigh finally realizes that maybe she dose need some new perspective, but will it be late and what if Michael starts to talk to her again.

British chick lit that can cross cultural lines, that is relatable. Ashleigh was built as a character that just about any female could relate to, having done or wanted to do something like she does in the book. Ashleigh does take it to an extreme and finally realizing that is what helps her slowly breakout of parts of it. I think it does get to a point where it does get harder to relate to Ashleigh since you really just want to tell her, no you didn't do that or just stop, but she kept going. Or she would start to change and you though she got behind some growth and then back again. I appreciated how the character had grown at the end, but getting there was tough at times.

I would give it three stars as it 3 stars. It is a good read and flew by, but didn't have much substance. It was a fun read and fun to think what would happen if you did some or any of the vengeful thing in this plot, but at the end of the day it isn't deep.

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