October 4, 2012

Las-Minute Love: (Year of the Chick Series): Romi Moondi

Romi from Year of the Chick is back, see my review of the first book. Now, that Romi's sister is engaged her parents are a bit more distracted. So, in this book her parents weren't pushing guys at her as much, though they did still have that expectation, maybe Romi was just better at ignoring it and didn't need to focus on it with her readers. In this one we hear about the success of the first book, but which is also really important, you could read the book on it's own and it can stand on it's own.

Again, this book was set up in a way that you wanted to just keep reading and figure out how Romi is going to deal with each of the situations. Personally, I think I enjoyed this novel more than Year of the Chick since you got to see more of Romi as a character. You could see how she had grown and changed through the last book, between them, and could continue to grow. She still got caught up in a guy in this plot, but there was more to her than just the guy and her writing this time. You knew her, I felt like this time. She talked about what she enjoyed in her spare time, beyond writing, you got to know some of her friends and more than just how she took her problems to them. It felt deeper and more about the character than the first one to me, even though I enjoyed the first one, I feel like I enjoyed this one more.  Romi made some great growth as a character and I can't wait to see what happens with her next chapter in the series.

I am conflicted on the rating to give this book. It is a enjoyable book, again not an intro to the chick lit genre, but a relatable book in the genre and worth reading. Still found it different then any chick lit book, I would give it 3.5 stars I think to show I liked it more than the first, but I just don't feel like it is necessarily a 4 star all the way. I will round up though. And do go read this because, Romi becomes a character that you care about and want to succeed, in love, standing up to her parents, and just being herself in the way she dreams.

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I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

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