September 28, 2012

And The Winner Is (The Adventures of Marty Peters): Erin Brady

Marty Peter's is an accountant, who has abandoned aka disappointed her family by moving down the street. She never moved into the city though and that is why she spends her mornings and evenings commuting into NYC. Around working and commuting Marty works on pursuing her dream of writing. No one has liked her works though and maybe she should just sticks to the numbers that make sense to her. But, then everything changes at whirlwind speed.

First she goes on client presentation with her chauvinist boss to Theodore McKenzie one of their largest clients and a leader in the entertainment industry. McKenzie is threatening to pull his account and with that would go many of their other accounts, including the one for the Motion Picture Academy and why the firm gets to do a presentation on voting at the Oscars every year. Marty makes an impression on Teddy, McKenzie, and has the fate of his account with the firm in her hands now. Not something her Boss is happy about.  On the way to this meeting Marty finds an abandoned bag on the subway with a journal inside it, but with a name but contact number or other information about the owner. The errors start as Marty realizes the screen play in the journal is amazing and since she doesn't know the owner she takes credit for the work. With Teddy McKenzie interested in her screenplay Marty just might have found a way to live her dream as a writer. That is until she actually meets E. Riley, the owner of the journal. With things rolling with the screenplay and at work it might be to late to stop things, but now that she is starting to like Riley and she isn't sure where her priorities should be and what is worth losing to get your dream. 

Written between a memories with quotes of friends of how Marty became famous and is famous and her telling her story above of how she started on the path in Hollywood. 

I was sent a copy of this novel by Erin Brady and writing the review per her request, but the summary and opinions are my own. 

This was in a different format that I hadn't read before, so it was a little odd for me. But, I found that I really did enjoy the plot over all. Marty was a fleshed out character that I found that I could relate to. The situations that she found herself in and how she reacted kept her human and in ways a reader could relate to, though they were exceptional circumstances most people wouldn't find themselves in. Not as much with the supporting characters, in I couldn't relate to them, but you learned enough about each of them as you needed to know and when you need to know it. I liked the set up of finding out about the supporting characters as the main character learned things and think that for some of the supporting characters that is what Brady was doing. 

I enjoyed reading about Marty and watching her grow and learn, she made some choices that seemed real to me, even like things I might do and ways I would react at first. I would give this book 4 stars and would like for more by Brady and would enjoy seeing her grow as a writer. 

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