December 21, 2012

When It Happens to You: Molly Ringwald

A collection of short stories that remind me a bit of Love Actually. Greta and Phillip are college sweethearts that have a daughter Charlotte. Greta is desperate for more, but she is not sure so much about Phillip anymore. They fall apart as a couple. The rest of the books follow people that float in and out of their lives over the next year as they try to figure out what they want and are, separated, apart or together. Each builds on their own and stands as a short story on their own, but you like seeing the familiar characters as they past through touching the others lives.

i enjoyed this book and the characters. I was frustrated by their actions at times, ways I couldn't relate to them. But, yet I still found myself looking for them in each of the next story. Wanting to know more. Wanting to be able to fill in the the blanks that were missing between stories or what was going to happen to each of them next. I even wanted to know more about the characters that weren't main characters, ones that just happened to be a supporting characters in one of the stories, that were just mentioned off hand in other stories. It all just let me wanting to know more about each of the characters.

I would give this book 4 stars in that I really enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down. I wanted to keep devouring the next story, but it did leave you wanting more with the holes that were left in the characters.  It makes you think. I am actually still processing it, as I just finished this book. But, I guess it comes down to I would say that Ringwald is someone to watch if she comes out with more books and an author's who's work is worth picking up.

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