February 15, 2012

sTORI Telling: Tori Spelling

I have always been interested in Tori Spelling, since I saw Tori and Dean: Inn Love. I will admit that I see Home Sweet Hollywood on TV I am ready to settle in and not change the station.  But, I had never read her books for some reason. So, after seeing a review of them on a blog recently I decided to head over the library site and put a hold on her first book. I know that a ghost writer probably primarily wrote this book, but I can't help but in reading it and seeing what is shown on TV about Tori and how approachable and down to earth she seems that she was involved in the writing and the voice overall.

For a celebrity biography I have to say that this is one of my favorites and most relate able I have read. The voice it felt like a friend was just sitting there talking to me telling me about their life. At times the timeline got a bit convoluted and wasn't linear. But, that worked for me. It was kind of in a way of here is my story, oh yeah this was happening to but I left it out till now since I forgot or it really related to this other story I need to tell you that I am going to go into now. Maybe, that is how my mind works and I follow, or maybe it made it seem more like a conversation you might have with a friend. Either way I found it relatable and enjoyed it.

The book follows Tori's childhood and her early fame, all the way through to her first marriage, falling in love with Dean and the birth of her first child Liam. Concentrating just on Tori and how she saw situations, was effected by situations, and what she knew about situations. She commented that there might be more information or different ways to interpret things, but this is how she saw it was and was effected and I could really respected that in the context of this book. I would suggest this book for someone who is looking for a light fun read, it isn't great literature, but isn't meant to be either. Again, I would say one of the best celebrity bios I have read. And I have already ordered the next one from the library. 

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