February 19, 2012

Mini Shopaholic: Sophie Kinsella

Becky Brandon (Bloomwood) is back. With her daughter Minnie now a toddler growing as a partner in shopping. But, Minnie may be picking up some habits from Becky. Her favorite word is "Mine", she is banned from multiple paces, and that is just outside the house. Combine that with Becky and Luke still living with her parents, (the houses just keep falling through) and Luke now has extra stress at work with a nationwide financial crisis int he works.
So, what does Becky do. She plans a surprise party for Luke for his birthday, even though he has made her promise not to spend money and she has to wear everything in her clothes at least three times before she can buy anything new. Becky tries to plan the party without help, but may have to remember who she can turn to in the end.

I am not sure why I read these books sometimes. Yes, I enjoy them and fly right through them. But, the shopaholic books usually stress me out too. Becky just keeps spending that it stress me out to buy anything or spend money while reading them. I know that is silly, but I get so wrapped up in what the character is doing I take it personally I guess.

Kinsella has built this character well over the course of the books. But, there is no where for her to go and she doesn't seem to learn anything in the plot or through the books. This is another one that she accomplished her goal, but didn't learning anything.

I happened across this book in at the library, so I grabbed it. But, I don't think I would go out of my way to read more of the Shopaholic series. I am hoping to read Kinsella's other books soon and hope those keep growing like her past ones have been better than the Shopaholic series.

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