September 14, 2011

Not That Kind of Girl: Catherine Alliott

My first review that I posted everywhere else recently.

Henrietta, Henny, has devoted her life to raising her kids and managing the house hold. But, with the children off at boarding school, things don't need quiet as much attention around the house. So, Henny goes into town to be a PA for a famous tv
Historian. One lunch with the boss that leads to a little to much to drink and Marcus getting wrong impression find Henny in town permanently away from her home and family. As Henny tries to find  what she wants with her marriage falling apart her past comes back into Henny's life. Now Henny has some real choice to make the past that has left her before or the 15 year marriage that she thought had stood by her, but she is questioning.

This book is looong, and most of it is character development for Henny. It follows Henny with her thoughts and interactions between other characters.  Though we followed Henny and the plot did keep moving I don't feel like Henny really grew or learned much through the process of the book. She learned about a few other characters and those revelations effected how she choose to live her life, but She never seemed to make the choice for herself.
In the end she did get appreciation for what she had and that gave me a bit of appreciation for what I have. I did enjoy reading the book, but there just wasn't much substance to it in the end.

I would suggest this book and give it 3 stars, but don't expect much and for it to go deep.

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