September 26, 2011

The Last Page: Lacy Camey

Norah Johnson is at crossroads in her life. Her relationship has just fallen apart and the fact that he was a major league baseball player so it is being splashed across the tabloids it is not helping. Her family sends her to the beach house and sets her up with a therapist to help her move on. Her therapist assignes her to journal, but after pouring out her hear Norah get frustrated and tries to throw her journal into the sea.
She then tries to go on with her summer with the help of her Best Friend, Chloe, and sister, Maycee. She is trying to work on her line of clothes, attend therapy, and humor every ones as they each have their way to help her heal. Along the way she meets Orien, who has found a journal on the beach and has fallen in love with the girl who wrote it, now if only he can find her and convince her to trust him.

I devoured this book. All the main characters were very relatable to me. I didn't ever really feel like an outsider looking in on this world, but someone who was learning about the story and was part of the group. There was moments of elements that the reader didn't necessarily know what the group of characters was referring to, but the reader was clued in when they needed the information. I felt like this really pulled the reader into part of the group and made the reading enjoyable for me.

Personally, I would say that this was a very enjoyable book that I would recommend to others and I am looking forward to more in the series and by Camey.

This is the first book is a series of <i>Living,Loving & Laughing Again</i> and my review is part of the Chick Lit Plus blog tours. To stay updated on when more in this series come out you can follow Lacy's progress at Also, if you comment on the Chick Lit Blog tour for the page you can win a $10 Amazon giftcard, like is link to site.

I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

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