April 5, 2013

Elly in Bloom: Colleen Oakes

Elly left her home when she discovered her husband cheating on her and he has tried since then to look back on what she left in Georgia. Settled in the Saint Louis area, with a new best friend. She establishes herself with a business, a florist and is sought out by brides for weddings.

When the biggest wedding she has ever been offered walks in she can't turn it down. The financial security it would provide is something she can't pass up. Until, a part of her past comes back to haunt her and it is directly related to this wedding. Is the money worth the cost it might be emotionally. With her friends around her, including Snarky Teenager one of her employee's (how can you not love that name for a character). Elly has some decisions to make for herself and has to face what those decisions might cost her.

I enjoyed this book. It really fit the time of year we are in right now and thought it was a great read to pickup during the spring time, that is just my opinion since flowers make me think about spring. A few parts of the plot were a little predictable, in that I could see things coming. But, oddly I didn't find that as distracting as it could have been.

For the character of Elly I found her well flushed out and relatable. I thought that she acted in a very real way to the situations she was put in, not going overboard in the dramatic or acceptance of things. The other characters I found were developed enough for what they needed to do and the role they placed in Elly's life, but beyond that there wasn't anything to them. That disappointed me in a few ways, but didn't distract from the plot overall.

Overall, I would suggest you to pickup this book. It was a nice fun book that kept you wanting to keep reading. As a nice light fun read that would be nice to enjoy in the park on a bench under a tree. 3 Stars!

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I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

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