June 10, 2012

Rest of the Hunger Game series reviews

These reviews will each contain spoilers for the book that occurred before them. So, fair warning on that there maybe spoilers in the summaries. 

Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins 
Having survived the arena Katniss and Peetra are the champions and back at home. But, in both of them surviving they have offset the balance and the Capital is not happy with them. On the Victory tour Katniss has to prove why they should both have survived and crush the rebellion that might be building. It might not be enough though and then her family and Gale, where there is still tension between them, may be at risk. When the next games in announced (SPOILER) and Katniss and Peetra find that they have to enter the arena again. This time Katniss makes it her mission to get Peera out alive, but others may have plans for both of them. 

I personally thought that this book kind of started a little slow. There wasn't the building of the world to keep you interested like the start of the last book and the action was a bit slow to pickup. Once things started happening, you could see why that part needed to be established, but I wished it had been tightened up a little more. When you got into the action and really movement of the story I couldn't put it down and just wanted to keep reading. The end just flew by, as you kept wanting to know more and the action built till it just dropped you and ended. I would give it 4 stars for how well the action built towards the end. 

If you are enjoying this series, make sure that you have the final one available to start as soon as you finish this one, you will need it. I read the last two books across just two or three days I believe and if you ask those around me I wasn't putting me ereader down. I also have a physical copy of the series and had left those at work. When I left 3 people were lined up for the 2nd book and one was reading it. I was only gone for a week and no one who was lined up claims to be a big reader. When I was back they were all done with all of them.  

Mockingjay: Suzanne Collins
The rebellion grew while Katniss and Peetra were in the arena for the second time and the rebels had brought an end to the games. They saved Katniss, their Mockingjay to become the symbol of the revolution, while Peetra was captured. Though District 12 has been destroyed Katniss and Gale's Family has escaped. Taken in by District 13 where the rebels are based and fighting the Capital by taking each district everyone seems to have a plan for Katniss, but Katniss. She is still in shock from all the changes and what appears to be the lose of Peetra. She has some choices to make and decisions that will not only change her life, but those of the maybe the whole country of Panema. 

This could have been like the start of two was with being slower as it built to the final fight, but it didn't fall into that pattern oddly enough. It really got more into the mind of not only Katniss, but some of her other victors that had helped her in Catching Fire. Again, with this book especially I don't see how this could be a young adult book. It would depend on the child, but I am sure that I would have to have read this before I would let a child and would need to be prepared to take about tough issues with them. I like how the book was wrapped out and how we saw Katniss grown through the series, by the end she seemed much older that she was said to be in age. 

I would again give this book 4 stars and say that this series is very much worth reading. And I will keep these books and someday when I have kids and they are older would share them with them. It brings up some great topics of conversation. 

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