April 3, 2012

What Stays In Vegas: Beth Labonte

Tessa is an administrative assistant and unfortunately, she is good at that especially knowing the part where she as the secretary is always to blame when things aren't perfect. To try and find some enjoyment at work she makes sculpture out of office supplies she finds. Suddenly, she is given the opportunity to be transferred to the Las Vegas office. Where she will fill in as Kendra's assistant. Kendra is one of the owners daughter's who Tessa made an impression on at the company Christmas party where she gave her a stain remover in the bathroom after Kendra's husband had just been hitting on Tessa. Tessa is conflicted to leave her few friends at work, especially Nick. She has been in love with Nick for years, but not long ago he went on vacation and came back married. So, why wouldn't Tessa take the transfer, it is only for a few months to cover a maternity leave.
In Vegas Tessa finds herself being the wingman for Kendra, who's husband leaves her. She has to balance that with the guy they are doing a project for building strip clubs, is making everyone's lives hard. One of the guys in the Vegas office has potential for something with Tessa too, but when Nick shows up Tessa has some figure out to do. And maybe Tessa will finally find her way out of being a secretary and back to her roots of arts.

I loved this book. Someone dealing with what she is kind of dealt and dreaming of more. She never really gives up her dream, but accepts what she has to. She is faced with something that she has dreamed about for years, but when faced with it has to choose if that is what she really wants.

I thought that Tessa was a well built character and I really was rooting for her through the whole plot. But, she had her moments where you wanted to say, no don't do that, but you got why she did. I also liked how she really seemed to care about her friends. Yes, Kendra was her boss, but there was times that she did want to help her as a friend too.

I would give this book 4 stars. It was well written and the flow kept moving. It is very chick lit, but I found it a fun enjoyable read and would probably say that it would be a good beach read.

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