December 18, 2011

The Secret Lives of Dresses: Erin McKean

Dora has never figured out what she really wants to do with her life. Majoring in college in vagueness, and applying to a Masters in Liberal Arts, just so she doesn't have to  make a choice. She wears what ever is most comfortable all the time and has fallen into a job at the campus coffee shop. At the coffee shop, she has a crush on her boss, and has him depending on her to run many aspects of the place. That is until her Grandmother, Mimi, who raised her has a stroke and Dora has to head home for awhile.
Dora ends up stepping in to run Mimi's Vintage clothing store. Finds herself dress from the closet that Mimi has set aside for her for years, that in the past Dora would never touch before. Discovering stories the Mimi has been selling with dresses, that are the secret lives of the dresses from before.  Now Dora finds herself stepping into roles she has never considered before. Thinking about what do about Con, the handsome young contractor that is helping her deal with Mimi's sickness. Dora has to deiced about school and how she feel about the new roles she has been stepping into.

I really flew through this book, not be able to put it down at times. I loved reading about the vintage clothes and how Dora comes to accept them as part of her and becomes part of her personality. How she grows as a person and character, that is developed through the book. There were a few moments where it seemed all a little fast with the changes, but even though it all happened in such a short time period the changes worked. With major life events happening, changes can speed up so that makes it seem a bit more believable.

Personally, I could really relate to character and I think that helped with me enjoying this plot. Though Dora changed really fast I felt I could relate to her stages. I understood the changes she made and felt I could or would make them in the same way, so that it was relatable to me.

I would suggest this book as a good read giving it, 5 stars. With the character growth and changes I would say that it is not just a chick lit book, but someone younger, aka closer to the age of Dora will relate to it the most.

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