December 3, 2011

The First Assistant: A Continued Tale From Behind the Hollywood Curtain: Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare

Lizzie is back. She is not Scott's second assistant any more. She is the first assistant now with more responsibility. She has hired herself a new Second Assistant, Amber. Lara her friend, and Scott's Former First Assistant, is married to Scott and they have a son. Plus, Lizzie is having trouble with her relationship is Luke. Lizzie realizes she has more to figure out in Hollywood. First, she can't trust Amber, then Scott trades Lizzie for a car so that she can go be a personal assistant to Emerald, a rising teen start that is known for testing those around her.

Lizzie works as she tries to keep her footing, figure out what she wants, and is still fiercely loyal to her friends even when those around her are doing things that she questions.

This was an extension of The Second Assistant taking place just a few months after the last one stopped. I like being able to open it and picking up my friends where I had essentially left them in the characters. It kind of like going on vacation or out of town for a few months and catching up with friends. I did some how Lizzie had grown some between the two books and kept growing through this plot.

There were moments where I was frustrated by the decisions that Lizzie was making. But, they did help with her growing. There were moments in the plot where I was frustrated by blocks that were put there for Lizzie or choices she made that you knew were going to be problems. Then they were wrapped up and just feel into place, not making Lizzie work like she had in the past that frustrated me.

Overall, when I finished this book I felt like friends I had learned were leaving me. But, I did think the ending felt a little convenient and forced. I would recommend both of these books, but read both of them close together not, just one on their own.

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