February 8, 2013

The Cinderella Blues: Obren Bokich

Kat Young has a tendency to take little mental vacations, visits what her long time boyfriend calls Katland. She puts herself as the Heroine of the romance novels that she enjoys. Unfortunately, her little escapes from reality are starting to effect the rest of her life. She has so many accidents she decides to try taking the bus in LA to save money. And people that she knows she should, stay away from/are off limits keep featuring prominently in her dreams.

Things begin to change bit for Kat when her estranged Aunt dies and leaves her the house that Kat has childhood memories about. Kat finds that the Princes are not always so charming and there is more than just the romance novel to think about. As she makes her way up the corporate ladder Kat has to consider what she wants and maybe how she can make her dreams come true on her own.

Although, I am probably the right/target audience of romance novels I have never really gotten into them though. I think my personal issue is with them being completely unbelievable and just focusing on the sex aspect of things. That being said that this was not an issue I had with this book. There was the nod to the romance novel side, but it also stay grounded in real life and the more everyday things that Kat had to work through too. The romance was acknowledged and accepted, but wasn't the be all end all or what saved Kat. That I really appreciated.

The only complaint I could say I had about this book is that though the relationships and time was speed up for the sake of keeping things moving yet, it seemed slow in character development/movement at times. The characters were doing things and living, but not growing or changing at all.  Looking back you could see how that time was needed and helped the characters come to the realizations they did that just work, but were noticeable to me at times.

Overall, I found this a quick, fun, enjoyable, read.  I would suggest it to someone who enjoys romance novels and those who like chick lit also. I personally found it a very enjoyable read.

I was provided a copy of The Cinderella Blues by Black Bear Media in exchange for my own review.

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