August 24, 2012

Showbiz, A Novel: Ruby Preston

Scarlett Savoy had been the assistant of Margolies "King of Broadway" for the past four year. Getting through the day to day time, by telling herself that she is training herself and learning to be a producer herself. She is finally start to get somewhere with her own producing project. Unfortunately, it falls as the same time as Margolies biggest project ever is coming to a head.
The head theater critic at the main newspaper in town commits suicide and secrets he has been coving for years are threatening to coming out and definatly getting harder for those who know them to hide. A theater gossip columnist is up to replace the critic and when he and Scarlett start something, they are each finding themselves on other sides of secrets that could be enough to break the relationship they are forming.
Everyone has to make some choices about what they feel is important and how they want to proceed with their career and lives.

I personally really enjoyed this novel. Theater is a large part of my life (my husband and many of my friends are actually stagehands) and it is one of my other hobbies. So, I was able to relate to this book on levels that others without theater background might not be able to relate too. That being said, it was also written in a way that if you didn't know theater you can follow what is going on and happening.

When you read the initially description of this book it appears to be set up kind of like a mystery. I tried to drop most of that from my summary because I just didn't feel like that was the focus of the plot and there wasn't much of a mystery for the reader as both sides were being shown and it was easy for the reader to piece it together. The characters were able to quickly put the pieces together too and just needed the proof that they had to work at. So, seeing it as a novel with a plot of characters out to prove themselves and to grow this plot fits better.

I would give this book 4 stars as it isn't really what you exact at first it is a good developed lot that builds characters and had a plot with good movement. I think this is defiantly a good start of series where we could see more of the characters and I want to know more about the characters. I hope that Preston keeps writing and making parts of theater more accessible to the general public.

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I was provided a copy of the book for review, but the summary and thoughts on the book are mine.

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